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The CVII 2011 was held in Toronto

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The MICCAI Workshop on
Computing and Visualization for
(Intra)Vascular Imaging (CVII)


in conjunction with

Toronto, Canada
September 18 - 22, 2011



Workshop Date: September 18, 2011


Important Dates

May 27, 2011 Paper Submission is open now and can be made here
June 17, 2011 Paper Submission Deadline (EXTENDED)
July 21, 2011 (POSTPONED) Notification to Authors
July 29, 2011 (POSTPONED) Final Paper/Camera Ready due
July 31, 2011 Final Program


Aims and Scope

The first workshop on intravascular imaging, CVII, was held on October 6th, 2006, in conjunction with MICCAI 2006, Copenhagen, Denmark (CVII 2006), and the second CVII workshop was held on September 6th, 2008, in conjunction with MICCAI 2008, at New York, USA (CVII 2008). This will be the third in the series with the aim of bringing together researchers in the field of intravascular imaging and present state-of-the-art techniques in computing and visualization aspects of intravascular imaging problems.

Technological advances in intravascular imaging offer increasingly useful information regarding vascular anatomy and function and are poised to have dramatic impact on the diagnosis, analysis, modeling, and treatment of vascular diseases. Computer vision techniques designed to analyze intravascular images for anatomic modeling, simulation, visualization, tissue classification, and the assessment of interventional procedures are therefore playing an important role and are currently receiving significant interest. We invite submission of papers presenting new techniques for any aspect of computational intravascular image analysis and processing. Relevant topics for the workshop include (but are not limited to):

  • Atherosclerotic plaque image analysis and characterization
  • Quantification of vascular morphology and function
  • Tissue classification of intravascular images
  • Computer-aided diagnosis of vascular disease
  • Segmentation and anatomic modeling from IVUS, OCT, CTA, XRay-Angio, IVMR and so on.
  • Image-based biomechanical models of vascular anatomy and function
  • Registration of intravascular images
  • Image processing methods for intravascular contrast agent applications
  • Hemodynamic image-based modeling
  • Percutaneous imaging/intervention, including IVUS, OCT and IVMR
As part of the workhop programme, a "Lumen + External Elastic Laminae (Vessel Inner and Outer Wall) Border Detection in IVUS Challenge" is also proposed. In the months leading to workshop we will be releasing datasets and the participants will be free to self report their results. The datasets will have varying degrees of difficulty. Manual annotations will be available.

During the workshop, a session will be devoted to this topic. At the beginning of the day, datasets will be released at the project website and the participants will be requested to submit their results. A winner will be selected and receive an award using a variety of criteria including accuracy and seed.

Papers should be submitted by June 10, 2011. Submissions are to be made electronically here; see workshop webpage (http://vpa.sabanciuniv.edu/sites/cvii2011/) for directions.

Accepted papers will appear in (to be clarified with MICCAI organizers). We will be in contact with Journal Editors to get a special issue with expanded papers from the workshop.  



  • Papers should be in the LNCS style
  • Maximum length is 8 pages
  • Submitted in PDF format
  • Non-Anonymized
  • Color illustrations in the PDF are not subject to fees
  • Will be considered for either an oral or a poster (if a poster session is organized)
  • All are welcome to submit in this format


Workshop Organizers

Gozde Unal, PhD,
Sabanci University
Email: gozdeunalsabanciuniv.edu
Tel: +90-216-483-9553
Web: http://vpa.sabanciuniv.edu/people/gozdeunal

Stefanie Demirci, PhD,
Technische Universitat Munchen
Email: demircics.tum.edu
Tel: +49-89-289-19403
Web: http://campar.in.tum.de/Main/StefanieDemirci

Petia Radeva, PhD,
Universitat de Barcelona
Tel: +34-93-581-18-28
Email: petia.ivanovaub.edu
Web: http://www.cvc.uab.es/~petia/


Steering-Organizing Committee

Guy Cloutier, PhD, University of Montreal, Canada
Ioannis A. Kakadiaris, PhD, University of Houston, USA
Milan Sonka, PhD, University of Iowa, USA
Nassir Navab, PhD, Technische Universitat Munchen, Germany
Stephane Carlier, MD, PhD, St Maria Hospital, Belgium


Program Committee

Amin Katouzian, PhD, Columbia University, USA
Andreas Wahle, PhD, University of Iowa, USA
Carlo Gatta, PhD, Universitat de Barcelona, Spain
Elisabeth Brusseau, PhD, CNRS, France
Francois Destrempes, PhD, University of Montreal, Canada
Jouke Dijkstra, PhD, Leiden University, Netherlands
Oriol Pujol, PhD, Universitat de Barcelona, Spain
Simone Balocco, PhD, Universitat de Barcelona, Spain


Keynote / Invited Speeches

Prof. Nenad Filipovic, EU ARTREAT Project Leader, Serbia (confirmed)
Dr. Anming Cai, Boston Scientific (confirmed)


Web Admin: Rahmi Ficici, Sabanci University, Turkey

Accepted Papers

#Paper Title
3 A statistical arteriovenous cerebral atlas
5 Classification of patients after Endovascular Repair based on image registration quality measures
6 Automatic Key Frames Detection in Intravascular Ultrasound Sequences
7 Computer Simulation of Three-Dimensional Plaque Formation and Progression in Arteries
9 Segmentation Method of Intravascular Ultrasound Images of Human Coronary Arteries
10 A Vessel Segmentation Method for MRA Images Based on Multi-scale Analysis and Level Set Framework
11 Semiautomatic carotid intraplaque hemorrhage segmentation and volume quantification by in vivo MRI
12 Identification and 3-D modeling of coronary branches in intravascular ultrasound
13 Vessel tractography using intensity based tensor model
14 Quantitative parameter extraction from axial strain maps in non-invasive vascular elastography of carotid arteries
15 Shear strain endovascular elastography for characterizing atherosclerotic plaques: In vitro vessel phantom study
16 Sparse Axes-aligned MFlux: An Efficient Alternative to Spherical Flux
17 Visualizing Changes in Vessel Wall Dynamics due to Stent-Grafting in the Aortic Arch
19 Deformable Motion Correction for Stent Visibility Enhancement
22 Probabilistic Localization of Catheter Tip from IVUS Images
23 An Automatic System For Analyzing Coronary Arteries from CTA