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SPIS - Signal Processing and Information Systems Lab.MISAM - Machine Intelligence for Speech Audio and Multimedia.
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VPA Research where Mustafa Ünel is Involved

Supported Research Projects
Novel Approaches in Audio-Visual Speech Recognition
- In this project, we aim to improve speech recognition performance using audio and visual information together. We propose novel approaches to the problem and we hope that the proposed system will over-perform the conventional systems.

Research Activities

Lip Segmentation - In audio-visual speech recognition (AVSR), it is beneficial to use lip boundary information in addition to texture-dependent features. In this research, we propose an automatic lip segmentation method that can be used in AVSR systems.

Different Approaches on the Implementation of Implicit Polynomials in Visual Tracking - In this work, we are interested in tracking a free-form object whose boundary can be described by a planar algebraic curve.

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