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Combining Multiple Biometrics to Protect Privacy
Authors: Berrin Yanikoglu and Alisher Kholmatov
Published in: Proceedings of ICPR-BCTP Workshop 2004
Publication year: 2004
Abstract: As biometrics are gaining popularity, there is increased
concern over the loss of privacy and potential misuse of biometric
data held in central repositories. The association of
fingerprints with criminals raises further concerns. On the
other hand, the alternative suggestion of keeping biometric
data in smart cards does not solve the problem, since
forgers can always claim that their card is broken to avoid
biometric verification altogether.
We propose a biometric authentication framework which
uses two separate biometric features combined to obtain a
non-unique identifier of the individual, in order to address
privacy concerns. As a particular example, we demonstrate
a fingerprint verification system that uses two separate fingerprints
of the same individual. A combined biometric
ID composed of two fingerprints is stored in the central
database and imprints from both fingers are required in the
verification process, lowering the risk of misuse and privacy
loss. We show that the system is successful in verifying
a person’s identity given both fingerprints, while searching
the combined fingerprint database using a single fingerprint,
is impractical.

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