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Segmentation of Anatomical Structures in Brain MR Images Using Atlases in FSL - A Quantitative Approach
Authors: Octavian Soldea, Ahmet Ekin, Diana F. Soldea, Devrim Unay, Mujdat Cetin, Aytul Ercil, Mustafa Gokhan Uzunbas, Zeynep Firat, Mutlu Cihangiroglu
Published in: ICPR2010
Publication year: 2010
Abstract: Segmentation of brain structures from MR images is crucial in understanding the disease progress, diagnosis, and treatment monitoring. Atlases, showing the expected locations of the structures, are commonly used to start and guide the segmentation process. In many cases, the quality of the atlas may have a significant effect in the final result. In the literature, commonly used atlases may be obtained from one subject’s data, only from the healthy, or depict only certain structures that limit their accuracy. Anatomical variations, pathologies, imaging artifacts all could aggravate the problems related to application of atlases. In this paper, we propose to use multiple atlases that are sufficiently different from each other as much as possible to handle such problems. To this effect, we have built a library of atlases and computed their similarity values to each other. Our study showed that the existing atlases have varying levels of similarity for different structures.
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