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Medical Research Activities

We conduct research activities in various topics of medical image analysis. Our main interests lie in Neuroimaging, Cardiovascular Imaging, and 3D Anatomical Shape Analysis. We work closely with medical doctors, and collaborate with hospitals for clinical motivation to drive our research activities.

Research Projects on Medical Imaging

Tubitak 112E320
Beyinsapı Beyaz Cevher Yolaklarının Ameliyat Öncesi Ve Sonrası Değişimlerinin Difüzyon Tensör Görüntüleme Ile Analizinde Yeni Matematiksel Bilgisayar Yöntemleri
- Bu projedeki beyinsapından geçen beyaz cevher liflerinin yapısının DMRG'den niceleştirilmesi ve ardından ameliyat öncesi ve sonrasında yolakların yapısal ve yönsel değişiminin sayısal olarak belirlenmesine yönelik matematiksel yöntemler tasarlanması ve bilgisayar destekli olarak geliştirilmesi, hasta tedavisi ve takibinin daha iyileştirilmesine yol açacaktır.

Medical Image Analysis for Cancer Treatment Monitoring and Tumor ATlas Formation (MICAT)
- In this project, novel medical image analysis methods will be developed to aid in cancer treatment monitoring of brain tumor patients from Magnetic Resonance Image (MRI) scans.

Tubitak 108E162
Assessment of Fluid Tissue Interaction Using Multi-Modal Image Fusion for Characterization and Progression of Coronary Atherosclerosis
- In this project, we develop computational tools for segmentation and registration problems on intravascular images including IVUS (Intravascular Ultrasound) and OCT (Optical Coherence Tomography).

Tubitak 108E126
Kanser Tedavi Takibi icin Yeni Medikal Image Analizi Metotları
- Bu projede geliştirilecek olan medikal imge analizi metotları MR görüntülemeye seyir takip bilgisi saglayıp kanser tedavisi sürecinin klinik ortamda izlenmesine yardımcı olacaktır.

Computational Brain Imaging through Diffusion MRI
- Our main objectives within this collaborative research are to develop rigorous mathematical and computational tools for the analysis of DMRI data, and to improve acquisition and tractography techniques.

MR - based Analysis, Indexing, and Retrieval of Brain Iron Deposition in Basal Ganglia
- This multi-disciplinary project targets to significantly improve the understanding of neurodegenerative diseases by developing automatic methods that enable relating the brain iron accumulation to various diseases and complications.
This project involves a multi-disciplinary research requiring novel solutions from medical image processing, pattern recognition, search and retrieval, and clinical science.
This is a joint project with Philips Research Eindhoven.

Three Dimensional Statistical Shape Analysis and Modeling - In this project, we develop models of 3 Dimensional Objects using Statistical Shape Learning Theories. The methods developed are applied to Custom Design of Hearing Aid Devices.

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