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Supported Research Projects

Supported Research Projects

Dendritic Spine Analysis
- The long-term vision of this research project is to develop efficient and flexible image processing modules that have the ability to learn from and adapt to the provided data, and to share these modules with neuro-scientists. In this respect, the algorithms developed in this project will be included in a Matlab-based toolbox, SpineS, that will have an easy-to-use graphical user interface.
Tubitak 113E640
Advanced image-guided endovascular interventions by segmentation and 3D/2D registration of cerebral angiograms
- The scope of the proposed bilateral project is the development of innovative medical image processing and analysis methods and their application on cerebrovascular images of different modalities with the aim to advance and enhance the current cerebral image-guided endovascular interventions in terms of better navigation and delivery of therapy.

Tubitak 112E320
Beyinsapı Beyaz Cevher Yolaklarının Ameliyat Öncesi Ve Sonrası Değişimlerinin Difüzyon Tensör Görüntüleme Ile Analizinde Yeni Matematiksel Bilgisayar Yöntemleri
- Bu projedeki beyinsapından geçen beyaz cevher liflerinin yapısının DMRG'den niceleştirilmesi ve ardından ameliyat öncesi ve sonrasında yolakların yapısal ve yönsel değişiminin sayısal olarak belirlenmesine yönelik matematiksel yöntemler tasarlanması ve bilgisayar destekli olarak geliştirilmesi, hasta tedavisi ve takibinin daha iyileştirilmesine yol açacaktır.

Automated Visual Monitoring for Improving Patient SAFEty
- VIPSAFE is a R&D Project fruit of a collaboration between two research centers: Sabanci University and Kalrsruhe Institut of Technology, and two companies: Videmo and Vistek. This 36 month long project is co-funded by Tübitak and BMBF with the main goal of improving patients’ safety by means of automated visual monitoring.

Medical Image Analysis for Cancer Treatment Monitoring and Tumor ATlas Formation (MICAT)
- In this project, novel medical image analysis methods will be developed to aid in cancer treatment monitoring of brain tumor patients from Magnetic Resonance Image (MRI) scans.

Tubitak 108E162
Assessment of Fluid Tissue Interaction Using Multi-Modal Image Fusion for Characterization and Progression of Coronary Atherosclerosis
- In this project, we develop computational tools for segmentation and registration problems on intravascular images including IVUS (Intravascular Ultrasound) and OCT (Optical Coherence Tomography).

Tubitak 108E126
Kanser Tedavi Takibi icin Yeni Medikal Image Analizi Metotları
- Bu projede geliştirilecek olan medikal imge analizi metotları MR görüntülemeye seyir takip bilgisi saglayıp kanser tedavisi sürecinin klinik ortamda izlenmesine yardımcı olacaktır.

Computational Brain Imaging through Diffusion MRI
- Our main objectives within this collaborative research are to develop rigorous mathematical and computational tools for the analysis of DMRI data, and to improve acquisition and tractography techniques.

Turkish Academy of Sciences Distinguished Young Scientist Research Project
- The objective of TÜBA-GEBİP is to foster young, outstanding scientists who are at the stage of establishing their own research programmes in Turkey after finishing their post-doctoral research activities.

National Young Researchers Career Development Programme
- The purpose of this programme is to encourage young scientists who hold a PhD degree and who are at the beginning of their scientific career by supplying project funds to their studies.

3D Scanning of Transparent Objects - The aim of this project is to develop a 3D scanner for transparent objects like glass.
Novel Approaches in Audio-Visual Speech Recognition
- In this project, we aim to improve speech recognition performance using audio and visual information together. We propose novel approaches to the problem and we hope that the proposed system will over-perform the conventional systems.

MR - based Analysis, Indexing, and Retrieval of Brain Iron Deposition in Basal Ganglia
- This multi-disciplinary project targets to significantly improve the understanding of neurodegenerative diseases by developing automatic methods that enable relating the brain iron accumulation to various diseases and complications.
This project involves a multi-disciplinary research requiring novel solutions from medical image processing, pattern recognition, search and retrieval, and clinical science.
This is a joint project with Philips Research Eindhoven.

Development of Electroencephalography (EEG) Signal Analysis Techniques for Brain Computer Interface (BCI) Systems
- Development of Electroencephalography (EEG) Signal Analysis Techniques for Brain Computer Interface (BCI) Systems
Speaker recognition using support vector machines (inTurkish) - UEKAE/MTRD Laboratuarı kendi geliştirmekte olduğu yerel öznitelikler kullanarak konuşmacı ve dil/aksan tanıma sistemlerine ek olarak uzun menzilli özniteliklerle çalışan sistemlerin geliştirilmesinde hizmet alımına gitmeyi uygun bulmuştur. Hizmet alımı neticesi gerçeklenecek sistem, literatür taraması neticesi Destek vektör Makineleri ile Fonetik Konuşmacı Tanıma Sistemi olarak seçilmiştir.

Three Dimensional Statistical Shape Analysis and Modeling - In this project, we develop models of 3 Dimensional Objects using Statistical Shape Learning Theories. The methods developed are applied to Custom Design of Hearing Aid Devices.

Signal Processing and Advanced Information Technologies for improving Driver/Driving Prudence and Accident Reduction
- In this initiative, we propose to create conditions for prudent driving on highways and roadways with the purposes of reducing accidents caused by driver behavior.

International Research Coordination of Driving Behavior Signal Processing based on Large Scale Real World Database
- The research team makes an endeavor on collecting in-car human behavioral signals, across cultures and social systems. The goal of the project is (1) corraborative data collection of in-car driving behavior signals under operation of in-car spoken dialogue systems at Japan, US and Europe (Turkey), (2) proposing a model of driving behavior and evaluate it through driver identification, (3) draft document for the international standard ISO TC22 related to the interaction between in-car speech communication and driving.

New Generation Information Processing Techniques for Imaging Sensors and Wireless Sensor Networks
- The objective of this project is to develop principled and practical new signal and information processing methods for a number of sensing systems including wide-angle radar, magnetic resonance brain imaging, and wireless micro-sensor networks.

Signal, Image Processing and Pattern Recognition for Intelligent Automation CEnter
- The main goal of SPICE is to create links with other qualified, European institutions of higher education and research with a view to developing joint research projects, and enhance participation of Turkey in the EU FP programmes.

Computer Aided Reconstruction in Archeology
- The objective is to assist with the reconstruction of large archeological artifacts (such as pottery fragments, marble relief pieces or mosaics) using computational tools and to electronically disseminate such reconstructed artifacts (such as, through a virtual museum).

Development of an Automated Glass Fragments (cullets) separation machine
- The proposed project aims to develop a system to perform the separation of glass from other materials like stone, ceramics, aluminum and porcelain.

Moulding on Demand - New flexible, eco efficient system for JIT Moulding Production
- The aim of this project Is to study, develop and produce a new flexible, eco-efficient system for JIT (Just-in-Time) moulding production.

NSF- IIS-0205477
ITR - 3D Form Models for the Representation, Manipulation, and Recovery of Shape with Applications to Archealogy and Virtual Sculpting
- The goal of this project is to investigate approaches to shape representation, analysis, manipulation, and estimation from unstructured sensor data in the context of tackling certain key problems in archaeology.

A Robust Object Recognition and Pose Estimation System for Robotic Applications
- The aim of the project is rapid and accurate identification of 2-D objects and pose estimation. This project received the Interpro best R&D project award in May 2003.

E! 2007 FACTORY PACK 2000
Flexible, Environment Friendly Packing System, Utilizing Advanced Vision Technology and Recyclable/Homogenous Materials
- EUREKA project E! 2007 FACTORY PACK 2000 developed a new recyclable plastic packaging material which can be used as beads or compacted into boards. PACK 2000 project has been selected as a EUREKA success story.

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