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E! 2007 FACTORY PACK 2000: Flexible, Environment Friendly Packing System, Utilizing Advanced Vision Technology and Recyclable/Homogenous Materials

Project NumberEUREKA 2007

Project LeaderAytul Ercil
Project SupervisorAytul Ercil
Project Team
  • Aytul Ercil
  • Hakan Buyukbayrak
  • Gulbin Akgun
Supporting Organizations

ContactGulbin Akgun Send e-mail

Start Date2000
End Date2003
Project Description
Packaging is a new and dynamic topic where activities in this area are increasing by 10% every year. Since the year 2000, there are taxes charged for selling and using non-recyclable, non-environmental materials by the European Countries. In many markets (i.e furniture, etc.) packaging usually done manually. For some altough the full production line is automatic, there are 5-10 people for packaging and this causes quality problems. Also, non-integrated production and packaging lines increase the needed area for storage.

EUREKA project E! 2007 FACTORY PACK 2000 developed a new recyclable plastic packaging material which can be used as beads or compacted into boards. This new material was then used in a highly efficient and intelligent automated packaging machine for large items which features an advanced system to identify the next item to be packed and ensures quality control. The scanning vision system, a key part of the project's success, was developed by the Turkish project partners, Sabanci University VPALAB and Vistek. The 3D scanner developed in the project constructs a 3D surface model of the item to be packed, and provides a feedback signal to the packing machine controls, which then guide the robots fitting the protection material onto the package, The vision system also plays a quality control role by inspecting the product and the packing process, and providing continuous feedback to the real-time packing management system.

PACK 2000 project has been selected as a EUREKA success story.

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