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NSF- IIS-0205477: ITR - 3D Form Models for the Representation, Manipulation, and Recovery of Shape with Applications to Archealogy and Virtual Sculpting

Project LeaderAytul Ercil
Project SupervisorAytul Ercil
Project Team
  • VPALAB (Sabanci University)
  • SHAPE Lab (Brown University)
Supporting Organizations Brown University (Subcontract of the NSF project)

ContactAytul Ercil Send e-mail

Start Date2002.09
End Date2005.12
Project Description
The goal of this project is to investigate approaches to shape representation, analysis, manipulation, and estimation from unstructured sensor data in the context of tackling certain key problems in archaeology. The artifacts are free-form, multiscale individually and with respect to one another, they are geometrically and photometrically highly complex and highly variable, huge in number, and are largely confined to a single location - they cannot travel. The challenge is how to store them, extract useful information from them, and make them accessible to others. Toward these ends, the current NSF project intends to (i) investigate how geometry can be represented, retrieved, and visualized in archaeological databases (ARCHAVE), (ii) investigate generic shape representations that are suitable for this application area (STYLE), (iii) recover 3D structure from image sequences (MIRAGE), (iv) investigate how a large collection of shape fragments can be re-assembled (STITCH), (v) reconstruct skulls and skeletons and animate head and bodies (CARPALS), and (vi) develop interactive and novel modes of interaction for deforming shapes for virtual sculpting (CARVES). VPA-LAB is involved in the ARCHAVE and STITCH sub-projects.

Principal tasks to be achieved by the VPA-LAB members are listed below:

ARCHAVE tasks: Create a web-based DBMS for the existing “Grosso Modo” database. Authorized archaeologists may submit new archeological findings from anywhere on the internet to a central server where analysis is performed. Submitted data may include a wide variety of multimedia data such as 3D surface geometry, video, images, etc. When applicable, geometry of interest will be automatically extracted by the system, e.g., axis/profile-curves for sherds.

STITCH Tasks: STITCH - Shape STitching via Interactive Transactions between Computers and Humans - considers the complex problem of the re-assembly of fragments into complete objects from 3D measurements, e.g., for pottery, sculpture, column capitals, bones, skulls, portions of buildings, other architectural structures. The algorithms and systems developed in this project range from mixed-initiative systems to full automation, whenever possible and appropriate.

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