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DRIVE-SAFE: Signal Processing and Advanced Information Technologies for improving Driver/Driving Prudence and Accident Reduction

Project LeaderAytul Ercil
Project SupervisorAytul Ercil
Project Team
  • Sabanci University
  • Koç University
  • Istanbul Technical University
  • OTAM Automotive Research Center
  • Tofaş A.Ş.
  • Ford A.Ş.
  • Renault A.Ş.
Supporting Organizations DPT

ContactAytul Ercil Send e-mail

Start Date2005
End Date2009
Project Description
In this initiative, we propose to create conditions for prudent driving on highways and roadways with the purposes of reducing accidents caused by driver behavior. Drive-Safe initiative will enable drivers to be prudent by means of signal processing and data fusion techniques. In addition to saving lives, reducing injuries and thus improving the quality of life, significant impact on national and regional economy, goods and services are expected. To achieve these primary goals, critical data will be collected from multimodal sensors (such as cameras, microphones and other sensors) to build a unique databank on driver behavior. We will develop system and technologies for analyzing the data and automatically determining potentially dangerous situations (such as driver fatigue, distraction, drunk driving, and etc.). Based on the findings from these studies, we will propose systems for warning the drivers and taking other precautionary measures to avoid accidents once a dangerous situation is detected.
Resulting Papers
In the framework of the "Signal Processing and Advanced Information Technologies for improving Driver/Driving Prudence and Accident Reduction" project, the following papers are published:

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