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Tubitak 113E640: Advanced image-guided endovascular interventions by segmentation and 3D/2D registration of cerebral angiograms

Project NumberTubitak 113E640

Project LeaderGozde Unal
Project SupervisorGozde Unal
Project Team
  • Sabancı University, Turkey:
    Assoc Prof Gozde Unal (PI),
    Timur Aksoy (PhD Student),
    Suheyla Çetin (PhD Student)

  • University of Ljubljana, Slovenia:
    Prof Franjo Pernus (PI)
    Ziga Spiclin
Supporting Organizations TUBITAK

ContactGozde Unal Send e-mail

Start Date2014.05.01
End Date2017.05.01
Project Description
Registration of 3D pre-interventional images to live 2D intra-interventional images (3D-2D registration) is the key enabling technology for advanced image-guided endovascular interventions.

The scope of the proposed bilateral project is the development of innovative medical image processing and analysis methods and their application on cerebrovascular images of different modalities with the aim to advance and enhance the current cerebral image-guided endovascular interventions in terms of better navigation and delivery of therapy.

The two groups will thus focus on the problems of segmentation and 3D-2D registration of angiographic images. The main objectives are the development and thorough validation of novel 3D segmentation and 3D- 2D registration methods in terms of accuracy, robustness and speed. The proposed research project is dedicated to advanced and emerging technologies in image-guided medical procedures through the development of innovative methods in real-time segmentation and registration for endovascular interventions.

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