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SPICE: Signal, Image Processing and Pattern Recognition for Intelligent Automation CEnter

Project NumberFP6-2004-ACC-SSA-2016684

Project LeaderAytul Ercil
Project SupervisorAytul Ercil
Project Team
  • Aytul Ercil
  • Gulbin Akgun
  • Taner Eskil
  • Osman Rahmi Ficici
Supporting Organizations
Project Budget800.000 Euro

ContactAytul Ercil Send e-mail

Start Date2005.05.01
End Date2008
Project Description
The main goal of SPICE is to create links with other qualified, European institutions of higher education and research with a view to developing joint research projects, and enhance participation of Turkey in the EU FP programmes.

The principal means of meeting the objective is through hiring and training of young researchers, exchanges of scientists and PhD students between VPALAB and highly qualified research organizations in Europe, the organisation of three workshops and one brokerage event. Integration at means level specially to produce high quality common software, image databases and benchmarking is also planned.

Developing active promotion and dissemination activities are planned to ensure project promotion and widely disseminate its outcomes. To this end, a project web site and project documentation will be developed and made available at an early stage of the project, as well as a plan for using and disseminating knowledge, regularly updated all along the project. Project management activities include the preparation of periodical review and assessment reports and management of resources, especially the software repository to be developed, because it could contribute to the durability of the excellence of the centre.

A major expectancy from the project is to create an atmosphere to convince young researchers that they can have an interesting professional career in Turkey and therefore avoid the "brain drain" out of Europe.

Our Partners are:

Resulting Papers
In the framework of the "Signal, Image Processing and Pattern Recognition for Intelligent Automation CEnter" project, the following papers are published:

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