Digital archeology

The objective is to assist with the reconstruction of large archeological artifacts (such as pottery fragments, marble relief pieces or mosaics) using computational tools and to electronically disseminate such reconstructed artifacts (such as, through a virtual museum). We aim to bring image processing, computer vision, pattern analysis, data-mining, material science, virtual reality and archeology experts together for a unified approach to computer aided reconstruction in archeology. Large number of excavated artifacts in an archeological site makes the task of finding the matching pieces very difficult. Automation and precision at the data acquisition and reveal of hard-to-see associations by data-mining will much help to the archeologists. Computational tools would be very valuable in speeding up the reconstruction. Once reconstructed, capability of browsing the archeological artifacts through an interactive multimedia environment would be invaluable in sharing the cultural heritage.


Digitization of Cultural Heritage

One major focus of the CARIA project is digitization of archeological findings and museum art objects that constitute part of the cultural heritage. Through digitization, such valuable objects become virtual objects of multimedia applications. Once digitized, they can electronically be distributed over the Internet or on CD catalogs, and can be used in the construction of virtual museums and virtual archeological sites. The benefits of digitization are numerous; digitized objects of the cultural heritage can serve for educational, publicity, archival and scientific purposes.

The project contains six main aspects:

  • Data Acquisition Shape, Size, Color, Texture and Material Analysis of the objects and also the site
  • Database & Data Mining Storage, Indexing , Query of the Artifacts & multimedia-mining of the data
  • Automatic Reconstruction Automatic Matching of the Artifacts for Plausible Reconstructions
  • 3D Digitization and Modeling of Artifacts
  • Assisted Reconstruction Interactive Environment to Assist Human Experts in the Reconstruction
  • Virtual Museums Display of 3D Reconstructed Artifacts