Ground Truth Editor - GTE

This program reads at input MR images and allows an operator to manually segment volumes of interest by labeling slices. GTE saves files in VTK format.

The images below are examples of visualization of a manual segmentation of a Caudate Nucleus and a Putomen after manual segmentation. The visualization is done with our 3D viewer.

So far we support data from ADNI-LONI database in DICOM format. It also supports reading from images that we have collected from ASM and Yeditepe hospitals (we cannot share this data, however).

A live demo

You may find the latest version and older versions below.

Package Release Date Format Notes Downloads

We recommend to compile the source using:
  • Cmake 2.4 Patch 7
  • VTK 5.0.3
  • ITK 3.4.0
  • QT 4.3.4
  • png 1.2.23
  • jpg v6b
  • zlib 1.2.3