International Alliance on DSP for in-Vehicle and Mobile Systems

A multinational partnership in data collection and collaborative research on driver modeling for improved safety and comfort.


Sample Data Sets on Driver Behaviour Signals for In-Vehicle Technology

Sample sets from collaborative data collection in Japan, USA and Turkey have been collected in a DVD called "Drive-Best" (Driver Behaviour Signals for In-Vehicle Technology), which can be obtained directly from the editors of the recently published book titled: In-Vehicle Corpus and Signal Processing for Driver Behavior by K. Takeda, J. H.L. Hansen (by Springer Science, Business and Media). In addition to the data collected collaboratively in Japan, Turkey and the USA, there is a folder called Italy with inter-vehicle communication traces. Finally, a slide with collage of research activity photos has been also included for reference.

Both the DVD and its downloadable versions are free of charge and they are intended for the scientific community, the technology developers and the business concerns as a brief introduction to the signals related to driver behavior, vehicular sensors, and the road/trafic/climate ahead in an integrated and multi-modal fashion and to promote more research on the subject.

The contents of the Drive-Best DVD has been up-loaded to this repository and three additional mirror sites: Nagoya (Japan), Dallas (USA) and Istanbul (Turkey). and it is updated as new information and material becomes available. To download the material from this repository please click entries in the table below.

Data Set
Data collected in Nagoya (Japan)
Japan_overview (pdf file)
Data collected in Istanbul (Turkey)
Turkey_overview (txt file)
Data collected in Dallas (USA)
USA_overview (pdf file)
Data collected in Torino (Italy)
Italy_overview (pdf_file)

To download data from mirror sites please visit:

1. DSP in Cars at SDSU (USA): Drive-Best
2. Center for Robust Speech Systems at UT Dallas (USA): Drive-Best
3. Driving Behavior Signal Processing at Nagoya University (Japan): Drive-Best

Last update: June 16, 2008