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DetailsA 3D Model Alignment and
Retrieval System
Ding-Yun Chen, Ming
Techniques for 3D model alignment and retrieval
are proposed in this paper Since the techniques
of 3D modeling and digitizing tools are in great
demand the expectations of 3D models alignment
DetailsA 3D Scanner for
Transparent Glass
Gonen Eren, Olivier
Aubreton, Fabrice
Meriaudeau, L.A. Sanchez
Secades, David Fo , A.
Teoman Naskali, Frederic
Truchetet, Aytul Ercil
Many practical tasks in industry such as automatic
inspection or robot vision often require the scanning
of three dimensional shapes by use of non contact
techniques However few methods have ...
Conference PaperICIAP 20092009
DetailsA bayesian approcah for
skin color classification
Douglas Chai, Abdesselam
 Journal Paperunknown 
DetailsA Brain-Computer
Interface Algorithm based
on Hidden Markov Models
and Dimensionality
Ali Ozgur Argunsah,
Müjdat Çetin
We consider the problem of motor imagery EEG data
classification within the context of brain computer
interfaces We propose an approach based on Hidden
Markov models (HMMs) Our approach is ...
Conference PaperIEEE Conference on Signal
Communications, and their
Applications, Diyarbakir,
Turkey, April 2010 (in
DetailsA Class of Stochastic
Models for Invariant
Recognition, Motion, and
Rajesh P. N. Rao, Dana H.
We describe a general framework for modeling transformations
in the image plane using a stochastic generative
model Algorithms that resemble the well known Kalman
filter are derived from the MDL ...
DetailsA Colour Tracking
Procedure for Low-Cost
F.J. Perales, R. Mas, M.
Mascaró, P. Palmer, A.
Igelmo, A. Ramírez
DetailsA common framework for
image segmentation
davi geiger, alan yuille Journalinternational journal of
computer vision
DetailsA Comparative Analysis of
Face Recognition
with Visible and Thermal
Infrared Imagery
Diego A. Socolinsky,
Andrea Selinger
DetailsA Comparative Analysis of
Face Recognition
Performance with Visible
and Thermal Infrared
Diego A. Socolinsky,
Andrea Selingerz
 Conference Paper16 th International
Conference on Pattern
Recognition (ICPR'02)
Detailsa comparative evaluation
of edge detectors and
preprocessing algorithms
günhan dündar Thesisbogaziçi university 
DetailsA Comparative Study of
Conventional Visual
Servoing Schemes in
Microsystem Applications
H. Bilen, M. Hocaoglu, E.
Ozgur, M. Unel, A.
This paper presents an experimental comparison of
conventional (calibrated and uncalibrated) image
based visual servoing methods in various microsystem
applications Both visual servoing ...
Conference PaperProceedings of IEEE/RSJ
International Conference
on Intelligent Robots and
Systems, (IEEE IROS 2007)
DetailsA Comparative Study on
the Adaptive Lattice
Filters for Defect
R. Meylani, A. Ertüzün
and A. Erçil
In this paper the three the six and the eight
parameter two dimensional gradient based adaptive
lattice filters are compared in the context of
defect detection in textures corresponding to ...
Conference PaperProc. 3rd IEEE Int. Conf.
on Electronics, Circuits
and Systems
DetailsA Comparison of Gaussian
and Mean Curvature
Estimation Methods on
Triangular Meshes of
Range Image Data
Evgeni Magid, Octavian
Soldea, Ehud Rivlin
Estimating intrinsic geometric properties of a surface
from a polygonal mesh obtained from range data is
an important stage of numerous algorithms in computer
and robot vision computer graphics ...
Journal PaperComputer Vision and Image
Understanding, Volume
107, Issue 3, September,
2007, pp. 139-159
DetailsA Comparison of Gaussian
and Mean Curvatures
Estimation Methods on
Triangular Meshes
Tatiana Surazhsky, Evgeny
Magid, Octavian Soldea,
Gershon Elber, Ehud
Estimating intrinsic geometric properties of a surface
from a polygonal mesh obtained from range data is
an important stage of numerous algorithms in computer
and robot vision computer graphics ...
Conference PaperInternational Conference
on Robotics and
Automation (ICRA2003),
Taipei, Taiwan, pp.
1021-1026, 14-19
September, 2003
DetailsA comparison of Intrusion
Detection systems
E. Biermann, E.Cloete,
L.M. Venter
A computer system intrusion is seen as any set of
actions that attempt to compromise the integrity
confidentiality or availability of a resource
1 The introduction of networks and the Internet
Journal PaperComputers & Security2001
Jian Li, Shaohua Zhou,
and Chandra Shekhar
 Conference PaperICASSP 2003 
DetailsA Comparison on Features
Efficiency in Automatic
Reconstruction of
Archeological Broken
Diana Florentina Soldea,
Octavian Soldea, Gozde
Unal, Aytul Ercil
Automatic reconstruction of archeological broken
objects is an invaluable tool for restoration purposes
and personnel In this paper we assume that broken
pieces have similar characteristics on ...
Conference PaperVAST 2008 - The 9th VAST
International Symposium
on Virtual Reality,
Archaeology and Cultural
DetailsA complete implementation
for computing general
dimensional convex hulls
Joannis z. EmirisWe study two important and often complementary
issues in the implementation of geometric algorithms
namely exact arithmetic and degeneracy We focus
on integer arithmetic and propose a general
JournalInternational journal of
computational geometry
& applications
Detailsa computational approach
to edge detection
john canny JournalIEEE TRANSACTIONS ON
DetailsA Contour-Based Approach
to 3D Text Labeling on
Triangulated Surfaces
Greg Slabaugh, Viorel
Mihalef, Gozde Unal
This paper presents a simple and efficient method
of forming a 3D text label on a 3D triangulated
surface The label is formed by projecting the 2D
contours that define the text silhouette onto
Conference PaperThe 5th International
Conference on 3-D Digital
Imaging and Modeling
(3DIM) 2005, pp. 416 -
DetailsA critical review of the
psychophysiology of
driver fatigue
Saroj K.L. Lal, Ashley
Driver fatigue is a major cause of road accidents
and has implications for road safety This review
discusses the concepts of fatigue and provides a
summary on psychophysiological associations ...
Journal PaperBiological Psychology 
DetailsA Curve Evolution-Based
Variational Approach to
Simultaneous Image
Restoration and
Junmo Kim, Andy Tsai,
Müjdat Çetin, and Alan
S. Willsky
In this paper we introduce a novel approach for
simultaneous restoration and segmentation of blurred
noisy images by approaching a variant of theMumford
Shah functional froma curve evolution ...
Conference PaperICIP02 - IEEE
International Conference
on Image Processing
DetailsA Data-Driven Model for
Monocular Face Tracking
Salih Burak Gokturk,
Jean-Yves Bouguet and
Radek Grzeszczuk
This paper describes a two stage system for 3D tracking
of pose and deformation of the human face in monocular
image sequences without the use of special markers
The first stage of the system ...
Journal PaperICCV 20012001
DetailsA Decision Forest Based
Feature Selection
Framework for Action
Recognition from
RGB-Depth Cameras
Farhood Negin, Firat
Ozdemir, Ceyhun Burak
Akgul, Kamer Ali Yuksel,
Aytul Ercil
In this paper we present an action recognition
framework leveraging data mining capabilities
of random decision forests trained on kinematic
features We describe human motion via a rich ...
Conference PaperICIAR 20132013
Detailsa defect identification
algorithm for sequential
and parallel computers
ralf hross, sotirios g.
Ziavras, constantine n.
Manikopoulos, nitin j.lad
and xi li
The comparison of images containing a single object
of interest where one of them contains the model
object is frequently used for defect identification
This is often a problem of interest to ...
JournalProceedings of the IEEE
International Symposium
on Industrial
Electronics, 1995. ISIE
Detailsa description and
evaluation of various 3-D
Brian a. BarskyOvercoming the limitations of polygonal techniques
parametric tools of curved lines and surfaces have
evolved into powerful tools for today's computer
graphics modeling applications
JournalIEEE Computer Graphics
and Applications
Detailsa driverless and
free-ranging fork lift
dr. Ing h. J. Warnecke,
prof. Dr. H.c. Dr-Ing
 Conference PaperProc. of the 24th ISIR,
DetailsA Fast Algorithm for
Vision-based Hand Gesture
Recognition for Robot
Asanterabi Malima, Erol
Ozgur, and Müjdat Çetin
We propose a fast algorithm for automatically recognizing
a limited set of gestures from hand images for
a robot control application Hand gesture recognition
is a challenging problem in its ...
Conference PaperSIU2006 - IEEE Conference
on Signal Processing and
Applications 2006
DetailsA fast and Robust
Automatic Face Alignment
Li ZHANG, Haizhou AI,
Shuichiro TSUKIJI,
Shihong LAO
We present an automatic face alignment system whose
objective is to localize the facial feature points
in images Our system is robust against bad initialization
facial expression and pose ...
DetailsA Fast Hybrid Approach
for SAR Classification
Brian Huether, Timo
Kempf, and Müjdat Çetin
This paper proposes a fast method for Synthetic
Aperture Radar (SAR) based target identification
First high range resolution (HRR) profiles are
extracted from the SAR data to be used in a ...
Conference PaperEUSAR04 - European
Conference on Synthetic
Aperture Radar
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