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Detailsautomatic damage
detection for railroad
tracks by the analysis of
video images
I. Khandogin, A. Kummert,
 Conference Paper8th International
Conference on Signal
Processing Applications
& Technology, ICSPAT
&#8217;97, San Diego,
USA, September 1997
DetailsAutomatic Dendritic Spine
Detection using
Multiscale Dot
Enhancement Filters and
Sift Features
Lavdie Rada, Ertunc
Erdil, A. Ozgur Argunsah,
Devrim Unay, Mujdat Cetin
Statistical characterization of morphological changes
of dendritic spines is becoming of crucial interest
in the field of neurobiology Automatic detection
and segmentation of dendritic spines ...
Conference PaperICIP 20142014
DetailsAutomatic detection of
coronary artery stenosis
in CTA based on vessel
intensity and geometric
Suheyla Cetin, Gozde UnalIn this paper we present a fast and fully automatic
learning based system that is capable of detecting
coronary stenoses in Computed Tomography Angiogra
phy (CTA) caused by all types of plaques
Conference PaperMiccai 2012, Coronary
Artery Stenoses Detection
& Quantification
DetailsAutomatic Eye Detection
and Its Validation
Peng Wang, Matthew B.
Green, Qiang Ji, James
The accuracy of face alignment affects the performance
of a face recognition system Since face alignment
is usually conducted using eye positions an accurate
eye localization algorithm is ...
Workshop PaperIEEE Workshop on Face
Recognition Grand
Challenge Experiments
(with CVPR)
DetailsAutomatic facial feature
extraction and 3D face
modeling using two
orthogonal views with
application to 3D face
A-Nasser Ansari, Mohamed
We present a fully automated algorithm for facial
feature extraction and 3D face modeling from a pair
of orthogonal frontal and profile view images of
a person’ s face taken by calibrated ...
Journal PaperPattern Recognition2005
DetailsAutomatic Feature
Detection and Pose
Recovery of Faces
Alper Yilmaz, Mubarak A.
In this paper we propose an approach for detecting
facial features and recovering pose in presence
of high out of plane rotations for both still images
and video streams To detect the correct ...
Conference PaperACCV2002: The 5th Asian
Conference on Computer
Panos G. Michalopoulos,
Richard D. Jacobson,
Craig A. Anderson, Thomas
B. DeBruycker
Automatic Incident Detection is one of the major
challenges in urban freeway operations In spite
of recent efforts worldwide fast and reliable Automatic
Incident Detection has been elusive To a ...
Journal PaperTraffic Engineering +
DetailsAutomatic inspection
system for printed
circuit boards
yasuhiko hara, nobuyuki
akiyama, koichi karasaki
 JournalIEEE transactions on
pattern analysis and
machine intelligence
Detailsautomatic recognition and
representation of
shape-based features in a
geometric modeling system
bianca falcidieno and
franca gianninni
A method is presented for the automatic identification
and extraction of feature information from the solid
model of an object The procedure consists in recognizing
shape features extracting ...
Journalcomputer vision,
graphics, and image
DetailsAutomatic Recognition of
Eye Blinking in
Spontaneously Occurring
Cohn JF, Xiao J, Moriyama
T, Ambadar Z, Kanade T.
Previous research in automatic facial expression
recognition has been limited to recognition of gross
expression categories (e g joy or anger) in posed
facial behavior under well controlled ...
Conference Paper 2003
DetailsAutomatic Reconstruction
of Archaeological Finds -
a Graphics Approach
Georgios Papaioannou,
Karabassi, Theoharis
DetailsAutomatic Reconstruction
of Broken 3-D Surface
Göktürk Üçoluk, I.
Hakkı Toroslu
DetailsAutomatic Registration of
Follow-up Brain MRI Scans
(in Turkish)
Ali Demir, Gozde Unal,
Kutlay Karaman
Registration of multiple medical images is required
for analysis of both pathological and normal anatomical
human body structures In this study we defined
and automatically detected some ...
Conference PaperBIYOMUT20092009
Detailsautomatic sensor
placement for accurate
dimensional inspection
scott o. Mason and armin
 Journalcomputer vision and image
DetailsAutomatic Skin-color
Distribution Extraction
for Face Detection and
Shinjiro Kawato and Jun
 Conference PaperICSP2000: The 5th Int.
Conf. on Signal
Processing, vol.II,
pp.1415-1418, 21–25
August 2000, Beijin,
DetailsAutomatic Speaker
Recognition Using
Gaussian Mixture Speaker
Douglas A. ReynoldsSpeech conveys several levels of information On
a primarily level speech conveys the words or message
being spoken but on a secondary level speech also
reveals information about the speaker
Journal PaperMIT Lincoln Laboratory
DetailsAutomatic Stent Implant
Follow-up in
Intravascular Optical
Coherence Tomography
Serhan Gurmeric, Gozde
Unal, Stephane Carlier,
Yan Yang, Greg Slabaugh
Atherosclerotic plaques and their rupture cause
narrowing or blockage of the coronary arteries and
may lead to sudden cardiac death As a remedy after
a coronary angioplasty often a stent is ...
Conference PaperMICCAI 2008 CVII 2008
DetailsAutomatic Stylisation and
Symbolic Coding of F0:
Implementations of the
 Journal Paperunknown 
DetailsAutomating Quality
Control with Machine
Erçil, A., Atalay A.The increasing importance of quality control in
recent years has lad to increasing diversity of
methods and widespread automation in quality control
aplications The quality control of textiles
Conference PaperProceedings of IMS'961996
DetailsAutoscan: A Flexible and
Portable 3D Scanner
Nunzio Alberto Borghese,
Giancarlo Ferrigno, Guido
Baroni, Antonio Pedotti,
Stefano Ferrari, Riccardo
DetailsBağımsız Bileşenler
Analizi ile Otomatik
Kumaş Kalite Kontrolu
(in Turkish)
Osman Gökhan Sezer,
Ayşın Ertüzün, Aytül
 Conference PaperProceedings of SIU 20042004
DetailsBalancing and attitude
control of double and
triple inverted pendulums
G. A. Medrano-Cerda, E.
E. Eldukhri, and M.
 Journal PaperTransactions of the
Institute of Measurement
and Control
Detailsbayes decision theoryethem alpaydin Research Paper  
DetailsBayesian adaptation for
user-dependent multimodal
biometric authentication
Fierrez-Aguilar, J.,
Garcia-Romero, D.
Ortega-Garcia, J.,
Gonzalez-Rodriguez, J.
 Journal PaperPattern Recognition 
DetailsBayesian automatic
relevance determination
algorithms for
classifying gene
expression data
Yi Li, Colin Campbell,
and Michael Tipping
Motivation We investigate two new Bayesian classification
algorithms incorporating feature selection These
algorithms are applied to the classification of
gene expression data derived from cDNA ...
Journal PaperBioinformatics 
DetailsBayesian extension to the
language model for ad hoc
information retrieval
Hugo Zaragoza, Djoerd
Hiemstra, Mike Tipping
We propose a Bayesian extension to the ad hoc Language
Model Many smoothed estimators used for the multinomial
query model in ad hoc Language Models (including
Laplace and Bayes smoothing) are ...
Conference PaperProceedings of the 26th
International ACM SIGIR
DetailsBayesian face recognitionBaback Moghaddam, Tony
Jebara, Alex Pentland
 JournalPattern Recognition 
DetailsBayesian image
M.E. Tipping, C.M. BishopThe extraction of a single high quality image from
a set of low resolution images is an important problem
which arises in fields such as remote sensing surveillance
medical imaging and the ...
Conference PaperAdvances in Neural
Information Processing
Systems 15
DetailsBayesian inference: An
introduction to
principles and practice
in machine learning
Michael E. TippingThis article gives a basic introduction to the principles
of Bayesian inference in a machine learning context
with an emphasis on the importance of marginalisation
for dealing with uncertainty
ChapterAdvanced Lectures on
Machine Learning
DetailsBayesian Models of Human
Sentence Processing
Srini Narayanan Daniel
Human language processing relies on many kinds of
linguistic knowledge and is sensitive to their
frequency including lexical frequencies (Tyler
1984 Salasoo & Pisoni 1985 Marslen Wilson ...
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