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DetailsA Fast Parametric Motion
Estimation Algorithm With
Illumination and Lens
Distortion Correction
Yucel Altunbasak, Russell
M. Mersereau, Andrew J.
Methods for estimating motion in video sequences
that are based on the optical flow equation (OFE)
assume that the scene illumination is uniform and
that the imaging optics are ideal When these ...
DetailsA Feature-Preserving
Regularization Method for
Complex-valued Inverse
Problems with Application
to Coherent Imaging
Müjdat Çetin, W. Clem
Karl, and Alan S. Willsky
We propose a method for feature preserving regularized
reconstruction in coherent imaging systems In
our framework image formation from measured data
is achieved through the minimization of a ...
Journal PaperOptical Engineering2006
DetailsA Flexible New Technique
for Camera Calibration
Zhengyou Zhang  Technical Report
MSR-TR-98-71 Microsoft
Detailsa flexible object
recognition and modelling
song chun zhu, a.l.
DetailsA Framework for
High-Level Feedback to
Adaptive, Per-Pixel,
Background Models
Michael Harville Conference PaperECCV02 
DetailsA Framework for the
Construction of
Reflectance Maps for
Machine Vision
DetailsA General Weight Matrix
formulation using optimal
Oluseyi Farotimi, Amir
Dembo, Thomas Kailath
Classical methods from optimal control theory are
used in deriving general forms for neural network
weights The network learning or application task
is encoded in a performance index of a general ...
JournalIEEE transactions on
neural Networks
DetailsA genetic algorithm for
Bin Packing and line
E. Falkenauer, A.
The authors present an efficient genetic algorithm
for two NP hard problems the bin packing and the
line balancing problems They define the two problems
precisely and specify a cost function ...
Conference PaperIEEE International
conference on robotics
and automation 1992
DetailsA Gentle Tutorial of the
EM Algorithm and its
Application to Parameter
Estimation for Gaussian
Mixture and Hidden Markov
Jeff A. BilmesWe describe the maximum likelihood parameter estimation
problem and how the Expectation Maximization (EM)
algorithm can be used for its solution We first
describe the abstract form of the EM ...
Paper 1998
Detailsa grammatical approach to
mine detection
christopher raphael,
stuart geman
We demonstrate a three stage procedure for mine
detection The first phase locates plausible candidates
through a series of hypothesis tests The second
state finds the globally optimal convex set ...
Research PaperDetection and Remediation
Technologies for Mines
and Minelike Targets II,
SPIE Vol. 3079,
Proceedings of SPIE. A.C.
Dubey and R.L. Barnard,
DetailsA Graphical Model based
Solution to the Facial
Feature Point Tracking
Serhan Cosar, Müjdat
In this paper a facial feature point tracker that
is motivated by applications such as human computer
interfaces and facial expression analysis systems
is proposed The proposed tracker is based
Journal PaperImage and Vision
Computing, vol. 29, no.
5, pp. 335-350, April
DetailsA Group Sparsity-Driven
Approach to 3-D Action
Serhan Coşar, Müjdat
In this paper a novel 3 D action recognition method
based on sparse representation is presented Silhouette
images from multiple cameras are combined to obtain
motion history volumes (MHVs) ...
Conference PaperIEEE International
Conference on Computer
Vision, Workshop on
Visual Surveillance,
November 2011
DetailsA Hidden Markov-Modal
Based Approach for Face
Detection and Recognition
Ara Nefian Thesis  
DetailsA hierarchical latent
variable model for data
Christopher M. Bishop,
Michael E. Tipping
Visualisation has proven to be a powerful and widely
applicable tool for the analysis and interpretation
of multi variate data Most visualisation algorithms
aim to find a projection from the data ...
Journal PaperIEEE Transactions on
Pattern Analysis and
Machine Intelligence
DetailsA Joint Classification
And Segmentation Approach
For Dendritic Spine
Segmentation in 2-photon
Microscopy Images
Ertunc Erdil, A. Ozgur
Argunsah, Tolga Tasdizen,
Devrim Unay, Mujdat Cetin
Shape priors have been successfully used in challenging
biomedical imaging problems However when the shape
distribution involves multiple shape classes leading
to a multimodal shape density ...
Conference PaperIEEE International
Symposium Biomedical
Imaging, ISBI 2015, New
DetailsA kernel approach for
vector quantization with
guaranteed distortion
Tipping, M. E. and B.
We propose a kernel method for vector quantization
and clustering Our approach allows a priori specification
of the maximally allowed distortion and it automatically
finds a sufficient ...
Conference PaperArtificial Intelligence
and Statistics 2001
DetailsA Latent Discriminative
Model-Based Approach for
Classification of
Imaginary Motor Tasks
from EEG Data
Jaime Fernando Delgado
Saa and Müjdat Çetin
Abstract We consider the problem of classification
of imaginary motor tasks from electroencephalography
(EEG) data for brain computer interfaces (BCIs)
and propose a new approach based on hidden ...
Journal PaperJournal of Neural
Engineering, 9, 026020,
DetailsA Linear Dual-Space
Approach to 3D Surface
Reconstruction from
Occluding Contours using
Algebraic Surfaces
Kongbin Kang,
Jean-Philippe Tarel,
Richard Fishman, David
We present a linear approach to the 3D reconstruction
problem from occluding contours using algebraic
surfaces The problem of noise and missing data
in the occluding contours extracted from the ...
DetailsA Local binary patterns
and shape priors based
texture segmentation
method (in Turkish)
Tekeli, Erkin and Çetin,
Müjdat and Erçil,
title Yerel Ikili Oruntu ve Onsel Sekil Bilgisi
Tabanli Bir Desen Bolutleme Metodu (A Local Binary
Patterns and Shape Priors based Texture Segmentation
Conference PaperSIU2007 - Signal
Processing and
Applications, 2007. SIU
2007. IEEE 15th
DetailsA low cost 3D scanner
based on structured light
C. Rocchini, P. Cignoni,
C. Montani, P. Pingi and
R. Scopigno
Chalmers and T.-M. Rhyne
Volume 20 (2001), Number
Detailsa method for registration
of 3-D shapes
paul j. Besl, neil d.
 JournalIEEE transactions on
pattern and machine
DetailsA method for the design
of binary tree
Shi Qing-Yun, K.S. FuA method based on multivariate stepwise regression
is proposed for the design of binary tree classifiers
Experimental results of cell classification are
given to illustrate the efficiency of the ...
Conference PaperPattern recognition 
DetailsA Minutiae-based
Fingerprint Individuality
Jiansheng Chen, Yiu-Sang
Fingerprint individuality study deals with the crucial
problem of the discriminative power of fingerprints
for recognizing people In this paper we present
a novel fingerprint individuality ...
Conference Paper 2007
DetailsA Modified K-Means
Algorithm for Circular
Invariant Clustering
Dimitrios CharalampidisSeveral important pattern recognition applications
are based on feature vector extraction and vector
clustering Directional patterns are commonly represented
by rotation variant vectors Fd formed ...
Journal PaperIEEE Transactions on
Pattern Analysis and
Machine Intelligence
DetailsA multi-chromosome
Genetic Algorithm for
pallet Loading
Kate Juliff ReportProceedings of the Fifth
International Conference
on Genetic Algorithms,
DetailsA Multiple View 3D
Registration Algorithm
with Statistical Error
John Williams and
Mohammed Bennamoun
 PaperIEICE Transactions 
Detailsa multiscale algorithm
for image segmentation by
variational method
g. Koepfler, c. Lopez, j.
M. Morel
Most segmentation algorithms are composed of several
procedures split and merge small region elimination
boundary smoothing each depending on several
parameters The introduction of an ...
Journalsociety for industrial
and applied mathematics
Detailsa neural network approach
to CSG-Based 3-D object
tsu-Wang Chen and
Wei-Chung Lin
In this correspondence we describe the recognition
subsystem of a computer vision system based on Constructive
Solid Geometry (CSG) representaticn scheme Instead
of using the conventional CSG ...
JournalIEEE transactions on
pattern analysis and
machine intelligence
DetailsA neural network based
artificial vision system
for licence plate
Sorin Draghici    
DetailsA neural network model
for the formation and for
the spatial structure of
retinotopic maps,
orientation- and ocular
dominance columns
K. Obermayer, G. G.
Blasdel, K. Schulten
We demonstrate that important features in the spatial
structure of retinotopic maps orientation and
ocular dominance columns in the primary visual cortex
can be explained as the result of a ...
JournalArtificial Neural
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