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title2-D Robust Least Squares Lattice Algorithm For Defect Inspection Of Textile Products
authorsRusen Meylani, Aysin Ertüzün, Aytül Erçil
abstractIn this paper, a 2-D robust recursive least squares lattice
algorithm is introduced and is applied to defect detection
problem in textured images. The algorithm combines
concepts of 1-D robust regression with the recursive least
squares lattice algorithm. The philosophy of using
different optimization functions that results in weighted
least-squares solutions in the theory of 1-D robust
regression is extended to 2-D. With this approach,
whatever probability distribution of the estimation error
may be, small weights are assigned to the outliers in that
distribution so that the least squares algorithm will be less
sensitive to the outliers. The results obtained are compared
with those of conventional recursive least squares lattice
algorithm. The performance evaluation, in terms of defect
detection rate, demonstrates the importance of the
proposed algorithm in reducing the effect of the outliers
that generally correspond to false alarms in classification
of textures as defective or nondefective.
typeConference Paper
journalProc. IEEE-EURASIP Workshop on Nonlinear Signal and Image Processing
published year1999
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