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title2D Object Recognition Using Implicit Polynomials and Algebraic Invariants
authorsUğur Murat ERDEM, Hakan ÇİVİ, Aytül ERÇİL
abstractThe problem studied in this paper is the recognition of free-form objects from their 2D visual data in manufacturing environment and the integration of CAD systems with recognition systems. A system based on implicit polynomials and algebraic invariants is developed. Integration of such a visual system with the computer aided design (CAD) phase of the production has been attempted allowing the data exchange in between. To allow this exchange, data produced by CAD system had to be converted to some format in order to be acceptable by the recognition system. Since many CAD packages use parametric form for representing designed objects, the conversion from parametric representation to its implicit correspondent is studied. Even if the conversion proved to be successful, problems between fitted and converted implicit polynomials arose. So this topic is left as a research topic for future studies.
typeConference Paper
journalProceedings of MELECON'98
published year1998
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