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title3D Free-Form Object recognition using indexing by contour features
authorsJin-Long Chen and George C. Stockman
keywordsmodeling, matching, indexing
abstractWe address the problem of recognizing free-form 3D objects
from a single 2D intensity image. A model-based solution within
the alignment paradigm is presented which involves three major schemes: modeling, matching, and indexing. The modeling scheme constructs a set of model aspects which can predict the object contour as seen from any viewpoint. The matching scheme aligns the edgemap of a candidate model to the observed edgemap using an initial approximate pose. The major contribution of this paper involves the indexing scheme and its integration with modeling and matching to perform recognition. Indexing generates hypotheses specifying both candidate model aspects and approximate pose and scale. Hypotheses are ordered by likelihood based on prior knowledge of pre-stored models and the visual evidence from the observed objects. A prototype implementation has been tested in recognition and localization experiments with a database containing 658 model aspects from twenty 3D objects and eighty 2D objects. Bench tests and simulations show that many kinds of objects can be handled accurately and efficiently even in cluttered scenes. We conclude that the proposed recognition-by-alignment paradigm is a viable approach to many 3D object recognition problems.
journalComputer vision and image understanding
published year
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